Château de Vaas, Maison des Cornalins - Vaas

The sumptuous historical building that is the Château de Vaas houses an exhibition dedicated to the famous Valais grape variety: Cornalin.

Thanks to its history, Cornalin is emblematic of the region, so deserves to be examined more closely. The exhibition in its honour (stretching over two floors in the Château), while based on scientific facts, aims to be popularising, interactive and recreational.

Recently, there have been discussions about the origins and names of certain grape varieties. Cornalin d’Aoste or Cornalin du Valais? Where does the truth lie between Humagne and Cornalin? The exhibition gives you the keys to arrive at a fair interpretation based on history and ampelography.

At the same time, it reveals the secrets of the characteristics of this grape variety seen from the viewpoint of the wine-growers, but also from that of the researchers at Changins and the Government of Valais.

General Information
Opening hours Monday-thursday-friday : 16h-21h
Saturday-sunday : 11h-21h
Open on demand
Chemin du Tsaretton 46 3978 Flanthey 027 458 11 74