CHF 49.00 / year

Club Vinum Montis offers you direct benefits relating to the world of wine

The annual membership fee of CHF 49 entitles you to :

  • Free entry to the Vinum Montis events;
  • Permanent free entry to the Wine Museum (Sierre & Salgesch) and the Espace terroirs in Miège;
  • Access to exclusive offers in the online shop;
  • The opportunity to take advantage of the ‘buy one get one free’ offer on entrance tickets to the region’s wine-growing and wine-making events;
  • Access to other exclusive offers, made by our partners.

The Vinum Montis initiative was started by the tourist organisations of the Sierre region, with the aim of representing their partners, and will gradually be extended to cover the whole of the Valais canton by the end of 2018. You will then be able to see all the canton's wine tourism activities at a glance. Enjoy!





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