Presentation boxes and wine-related products

Throughout the year, Vinum Montis selects wines from Valais so that it can offer you boxed collections at great prices.

Book (in French) - La beauté du geste ("A beautiful action")
CHF 39.00
Working with vines and wine has always required tools. What do these tools tell us about our history, our economy, our...
Box - 6 Vinum Montis wine glasses
CHF 42.00
Club Price
CHF 33.00
This box contains 6 wine glasses with the Vinum Montis logo.
Exclusive offer: 20% off the Johannisberg produced by Domaine des Crêtes, Vocat et Fils Vins
CHF 15.00
Club Price
CHF 12.00
Each month, there will be a special offer from one of the region's winemakers, reserved exclusively for Club members.
Guide book (in French) - Au cœur du vignoble du Valais ("In the heart of the Valais vineyards")
CHF 27.00
This guide book describes 16 walks through the vineyards between Fully and Loèche and around Martigny, which can be...
Ticket - Wine Museum - Sierre and Salgesch
CHF 6.00
Club Price
CHF 1.00
Ticket for the Wine Museum.