Cave Christophe Jacquod - Bramois

Cave Christophe Jacquod is a family-run winery now in its second generation. Located in the village of Bramois, it has evolved progressively, undergoing several transformations since it came into being.

Cave Christophe Jacquod was founded in 1980 and managed as a traditional estate by Léon Jacquod. New land was acquired in 1988, and the winery’s activities expanded. Cave Jacquod’s claim to fame is that it includes one of the world’s earliest Diolinoir vineyards, the oldest having been planted as a test site outside the federal wine-growing research station in 1988.

The winery has been at its current Croix-de-Corban premises since 2000. The old buildings, typical of the region, now house barrels of Pinot and Diolinoir wines, which are left to mature in a magnificent stone-built carnotzet, where tastings are also held.

General Information
Tour around vineyard On demand
Tour around wine cellar On demand
Wine tasting On demand
Wine tasting voucher Yes
Light refreshments Assiette valaisanne, raclette
Languages spoken French, German
Capacity ~ 15
Parking 10
Disabled access yes
Valais Wine Pass no
Annual production (bottles) ~ 30'000 bottles
Hectares 5
Cave Christophe Jacquod Route de la Croix de Corban 4 - 1967 Bramois 1950 Sion tél: 027 203 92 27 Portable: 079 293 54 72 Fax: 027 203 92 28