Wine Museum – second part - Salgesch

Valais has been a wine-growing land for thousands of years, and stands out for the quality and variety of its wines.

The Wine Museum retraces the history of this exceptional mountain viticulture, sustained by tradition and passion. During your visit, you will discover the secrets of wine-making and the traditional practices of the wine-grower. Go back in time, follow the evolution of customs, landscapes and wine-related artefacts.

The Wine Museum is unusual in that it is divided into two spaces, one in Sierre and the other inSalgesch.

The latter, which was completely renovated in 2015, presents a complete, living panorama of the Valais tradition of wine-growing andwine-making. As you walk around the Museum’s 13 rooms, you will be able to explore all the facets of an exceptional heritage: the wine-growers’ expertise, the role of terroirs, the harvest times, the secrets ofcellaring, the drinking styles, the art of tasting and the profile our wine has.

You’ll experience this journey to the centre of the vine and wine in the company of artefacts and images that illustrate the techniques and practices of both the past and the present. With its playful staging and scientific explanations, the exhibition appeals to both wine enthusiasts and visitors keen to learn more about the region.

The other exhibition space, in Sierre, is dedicated to temporary exhibitions.

This year, it holds the exhibition ‘Forain for ever 1 - L’épopée des vignerons-nomades’ (the epic of the nomadic wine-growers), open until 30 November 2017.

Valais has been awine-growing land for thousands of years, and stands out for the quality and variety of its wines.

General Information
Opening hours Open from March to November
Wednesday-friday: 14h-18h
Saturday-sunday: 11h-18h
Museumplatz 3970 Salgesch 027 456 45 25