Maison Gilliard

Created in 1885, Maison Gilliard sits in the hills of Sion and produces wines such as Pinot Noir and Heida (Païen).

This vast estate stretches over 60 hectares along the Rhône valley. His most famous vineyard is the Clos de Clochetta, composed of vertiginous terraces that rise above the town of Sion. The winery sells a range of ‘classic’ wines such as Fendant and Dôle (‘Les Classiques’), together with barrel-fermented wines (‘Les Tonneliers’).

If you visit Maison Gilliard, you are sure to hear the name of Hansueli Pfenninger, the oenologist responsible for vinifying the wines.

Discover this winery’s range of wines here.


General Information
Tour around vineyard On demand
Tour around wine cellar Yes
Wine tasting Yes
Wine tasting voucher Yes
Languages spoken French, German, English
Capacity ~ 60
Opening hours Monday-friday : 9h-12h / 13h30-18h
Saturday : 10h-17h
Parking Yes
Disabled access yes
Valais Wine Pass yes
Hectares 75
Maison Gilliard Rue de Loèche 70 1950 Sion tél: 027 329 89 29 Portable: Fax: