Wine shops and bars

Our wine shops and bars stock a selection of the best wines from the region to help you to find your favourites amongst the abundance of our grape varieties. They also give you the perfect opportunity to enjoy wine tasting in the company of like-minded people.

Wine shop - Château de Villa - Sierre
The wine shop in the Château de Villa in Sierre is a showcase for the expertise of more than 110 Valais winemakers.
Œnothèque du Château de Vaas - Maison des Cornalins - Flanthey
Located in the heart of the village of Flanthey, this wine bar and shop is tucked away in the Château de Vaas, which...
Le Caveau - Chamoson
Le Caveau propose 150 crus de Chamoson !
Les Celliers de Sion - Sion
L'Œnoparc est un lieu de rencontre qui vous invite à venir découvrir le monde de la vigne et du vin et vous faire...
Caveau La Vouettaz - St-Pierre-de-Clages
Le Caveau la Vouettaz est situé à St-Pierre-de-Clages, au coeur du vignoble de Chamoson.
Espace Provins - Sierre
The Espace Provins shop offers you the opportunity to enjoy a number of wines by the glass together with a multitude...
Chez Victorine - Fully
Pavillon agritouristique - œnothèque
Espace terroirs - Espace dégustation - Miège
Located in the same building as the Espace Terroirs in Miège, the Espace Dégustation wine-tasting area makes more...
Œnothèque La Bouteille Rouge - Salgesch
Near the village of Salgesch, the wine bar and shop La Bouteille Rouge promotes the terroir of Valais.
L'Ampelos wine bar - Hôtel Terminus
Adjoining the restaurant at the Hôtel Terminus in Sierre, this contemporary wine bar offers an expert choice of wines...
Bar à tapas 1867 - Erhard Mathier Vins
La cave Erhard Mathier Vins vous convie dans un espace intimiste où ses vins se mêlent aux tapas espagnols faits...
Imesch Wine Bar
The Imesch wine bar is the ideal place to taste a range of Imesch wines, either at a guided tasting or...
Fol'Terre - Fully
Pavillon agritouristique - oenothèque