The Vinum Montis concept

As a community intended for all wine enthusiasts, Vinum Montis will help you discover the treasures the Valais hold for the wine tourist, thanks to our many preferred partners.

The Vinum Montis initiative was started by the tourist organisations of the Sierre region, with the aim of representing their partners, and will gradually be extended to cover the whole of the Valais canton. You will then be able to see all the canton's wine tourism activities at a glance. Enjoy!

To do this, we offer you a number of opportunities, such as :

  • Membership of a special Club;

  • Participation in high-quality tasting events in settings that are unusual or emblematic of the Sierre region and central Valais;

  • Access to a website entirely dedicated to wine tourism, including an online shop and exclusive offers;

  • Daily updates on the main social media, including Facebook with its factual and emotional content, and Instagram with its more visual content;
  • The opportunity to take advantage of unique services related to wine tasting.