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Amigne on the Road: the ticket office is open!
Amigne on the Road is returning on 24 and 25 August to bring you a wine festival like no other! 10.07.2018
Mondial du Chasselas: 2018 prize list
The results of the Mondial du Chasselas wine competition are out and our partners are among the winners! 04.07.2018
Couleur Pavé: the must-attend event in Sierre this summer
The 9th Couleur Pavé festival will be in town from 13 July to 24 August, giving Sierre a real buzz! 22.06.2018
Wine tasting course: learn the basics in a friendly atmosphere
Christelle Besse offers this simple, introductory course spread over 3 evenings – and yes, tasting is something to... 21.06.2018
Wine Museum, Sierre and Salgesch: explore the wine-growing area through its museums and the vineyard
Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy a stroll among the vines and learn something new. 18.06.2018
The terrace of the Château de Villa: a little corner of paradise
The Château de Villa has one of the most inviting terraces in the canton of Valais, thanks to its elegant... 05.06.2018
Vinum Montis: extending to the whole canton!
The Vinum Montis initiative is expanding to become Vinum Montis Valais/Wallis. 04.06.2018
Cuvée Foot 2018: limited edition by Gregor Kuonen
During World Cup month, enjoy the beautiful game with some beautiful wines! 01.06.2018
Palp Festival : Carnötzet
20 concerts and 30 DJs in 11 venues (traditional wine bars and wine cellars) 24.05.2018
Syrah du Monde: Valais wines win awards!
Competition between the world's best Syrah wines held at Ampuis, in France. 24.05.2018
La Contrée : La Table du Carnotzet
Enjoy an intimate, convivial evening in unique traditional surroundings. 16.05.2018
Wine Museum Sierre : exhibition "La voix du vin" (The voice of wine)
Have you ever listened to a wine? Come and experience something new! 16.05.2018
In pictures: Do you know where this is?
There's a land where the vines stretch up to heaven, where the soil is caressed by the warmth of the sun, where the... 03.05.2018
Special Mothers' Day menu at the Château de Villa (désactivé)
Take a look at the tempting Mothers' Day menu from the Château de Villa 01.05.2018
Musée Olsommer: guided tour and wine tasting
Visit the Musée Olsommer and enjoy a wine tasting with a winemaker from Veyras. 27.04.2018
Wine Museum: "La Voix du Vin” (the voice of wine) exhibition
The Wine Museum opens its doors and invites you in to a new exhibition. 28.02.2018