Cordonier-Lamon SA

Situated in Flanthey, Cave Cordonier-Lamon combines innovation with tradition to create distinctive, outstanding wines.

Founded in 1942 by Alfred Bonvin, the business was bought by the Cordonier family in 1962, and its name was changed to "Cordonier & Lamon SA" in 1987.

Martine and Jacques Cordonier took over the running of the winery from their father, Arthur, in 2007. The new building, with its beautifully designed tasting area, was opened in 2011.

The company decided to make some innovations, introducing various prestige ranges, such as "Patricien" (the main range), "Mià follià" (late-harvest wines) and "Triumvirat" (blended wines).

Barrel-ageing is also used for some of the red wines.

Find out more about the winery's ranges here.


General Information
Tour around vineyard Yes
Tour around wine cellar Yes
Wine tasting Yes
Light refreshments On demand
Languages spoken German, English, Italian
Opening hours Monday-Friday : 8h-12h / 13h-17h
Saturday : 10h-16h
Parking 10 places
Disabled access no
Valais Wine Pass no
Annual production (bottles) ~ 100'000 bottles
Hectares 20
Cordonier-Lamon SA Chemin de Tsaretton 51 3978 Flanthey tél: 027 458 12 57 Portable: Fax: 027 458 13 21