Cave Mabillard-Fuchs - Venthône

Based in the village of Venthône, Cave Mabillard-Fuchs is a family business that makes its wines using exclusively environmentally friendly methods, as illustrated by its naturally grass-covered vineyards.

The winery, which was founded in 1993 by Jean-Yves et Madeleine Mabillard-Fuchs, produces 15 different wines from 3.5 hectares, farmed entirely according to integrated viticulture standards.

Respect for the typicity of each grape variety and a careful study of the particular features of the terroir are key to the working methods of Cave Mabillard-Fuchs, and emerge clearly in tastings of the different vintages.

Discover this winery’s range of wines here.


General Information
Tour around vineyard On demand
Tour around wine cellar On demand
Wine tasting On demand
Wine tasting voucher No
Light refreshments Assiette valaisanne
Languages spoken French, German
Capacity ~ 10
Opening hours On demand
Parking 4 places
Disabled access yes
Valais Wine Pass no
Annual production (bottles) ~ 35'000 bottles
Hectares 3.5
Cave Mabillard-Fuchs Route de Montana 18 3973 Venthône tél: 027 455 34 76 Portable: Fax: