Cave Caloz - Miège

This report looks at the 2015 vintage of the Pinot Noir from Cave Caloz in Miège, in the company of Sandrine Caloz, a young winemaker who is symbolic of the new generation in Valais.

By way of introduction to the 2015 vintage, Sandrine wants to return briefly to the historic choices made by her wine cellar. A few years ago, the Caloz cellar decided to replant Pinot Noir on the slopes above the village of Miège. This strategic choice was intended to enable them to produce a fresher, more elegant wine.

Taking this gamble on altitude, coupled with a new vinification process known as “whole bunch vinification”, has proved a winning formula.

This Pinot Noir vintage is very promising, with a lovely acidity and a complex structure, undoubtedly thanks to this ancient technique that originated in Burgundy.

For this wine, emblematic of the Caloz cellar, the result is astounding. On the nose, this Pinot Noir offers notes of strawberry coulis and dried flowers. In the mouth, the attack gives an impression of elegance, with silky tannins. As for this wine's aromas, the notes of fruit and berry juice prevail, while its ruby-red colour is absolutely typical of Pinot Noir.

This Pinot Noir is the perfect match for fine, sauce-free meat dishes, or a selection of Valais dried meats.

This wine is available now in the Caloz cellar at the price of CHF 16 a bottle.