Balade des Divins - Touriste office of Sion

CHF 89.00
Office du tourisme de Sion

Additional information
CHF 89 per person

Duration : 3h30

For the individuals : every first Saturday of the month at 18h (in French only)

Groups : on request at the date and time of your choice (subject to availability, minimum of 10 people)
Office du Tourisme de Sion
Place de la Planta 2
1950 Sion
027 327 77 27

Sion is a centre for excellent wines, local products, and the canton's heritage, so this special offer provides a light-hearted way to explore all three, with the help of experts.

The special offer includes:

  • A tasting of 8 wines from 3 growers in Sion, and 2 "historic" wines
  • A meal that boasts the "Sion terroir urbain" quality label, comprising a starter, a main course and a dessert;
  • An introduction to the different historic buildings and sites in the old town, given by different guides;
  • Some lively, fun activities in the various historic places visited.