Selection of 2 wines - Gregor Kuonen, Caveau de Salquenen - 19 October

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A box containing the two wines introduced at the Vinum Montis tasting on 19 october by the Cave Gregor Kuonen, Caveau de Salquenen.

The Blanc de Noir is a creation particular to Maison Gregor Kuonen. It is made from Pinot Noir grapes, picked in the early morning and carefully pressed as soon as possible afterwards, giving it light rosé notes. It surprises by its strong aromas and the tannic structure conferred by the Pinot Noir grape.

The Vieux Salquenen Pinot Noir is the newest of the Pinot Noir creations. This special selection comes from the best plots in the family vineyard at Salgesch (Salquenen).