Restaurant du Simplon - Sierre

As a complement to our reports on wines, vintages and wine cellars, Vinum Montis would like to round off these presentations by suggesting some perfect matches between dishes and wines. Indeed, the taste pairings of these two inseparable elements are often extremely interesting.

An emblematic figure in the world of fine dining in Sierre, Zaïm is passionate about French-style cuisine, traditional and full of flavour. With its speciality dishes of meat cooked on hot stone and served with tasty, slow-cooked sauces, his restaurant has become a real benchmark for quality.

For his perfect match, Zaïm shows no hesitation in choosing a slow-cooked saddle of venison, accompanied by spätzle, chestnuts, red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, mushrooms and fruit. To enhance this tender, rich meat, he selects a Humagne Rouge from theCharles-Henri Favre cellar in Veyras.

This ruby-red wine is powerful but well balanced. On the nose, it reveals touches of black fruit, such as cherries, together with more animal notes, such as leather. In the mouth, its tannins are firm and provide a great length with an interesting acidity. A characterful wine, ideal with rich meats, it is the perfect match for this saddle of venison.

The dish can be enjoyed at the Restaurant du Simplon in Sierre (during the hunting season, in other words mid-September to mid-November), at the price of CHF 48.-. The wine is available now from the Charles-Henri Favre cellar in Veyras, at the price of CHF 19 a bottle.

This report therefore looks at the match suggested by the chef at the Restaurant du Simplon in Sierre, Zaïm Fejzuli: the pairing of game meat (saddle of venison) and a Humagne Rouge from the Charles-Henri Favre cellar in Veyras.