In pictures: Do you know where this is?


There's a land where the vines stretch up to heaven, where the soil is caressed by the warmth of the sun, where the wines embody its character and where sharing is a way of life. "Where is it, and how do I get there?", you ask. It's Valais, and Vinum Montis will take you there.

Allow yourself to be tempted by the delights of wine tourism in Valais, and try the Vinum Montis experience. You'll visit some unusual places, enjoy relaxed social occasions and meet people who are passionate about the place they call home. Vinum Montis offers you …

-      Membership of its Club, entitling you to some exclusive benefits;

-      The opportunity to attend high-quality tasting events in well-known or unusual venues in the Sierre region and central Valais;

-      Special offers on its website, which focuses on wine tourism;

-      Daily updates on the main social networks, including Facebook with its factual and emotional content and Instagram, with its more visual content;

-     Access to unique services in association with wine tasting.