Cave du Vieux Village, Monnet Vins - Noës (Sierre)

This report looks at the 2015 vintage of the Syrah from Cave du Vieux Village in Noës (Sierre) in the company of Jean-Pierre Monnet, wine-grower and producer, and a keen hunter.

Talking about the 2015 vintage, Jean-Pierre speaks of the Syrah as an emblematic wine and his favourite. Indeed, the decision to plant Syrah vines was hardly taken yesterday, as Jean-Pierre has been cultivating this grape variety in the Sierre region for over 20 years. Syrah is perfectly adapted and acclimatised to our region, and is particularly at home in our terroir. In fact, it is a rare wine-grower and producer who does not have some among their vines.

This Syrah vintage is very pleasing in the mouth, thanks in particular to especially clement weather in 2015.

With its natural strength and its typically peppery notes, this Syrah 2015 is ideally suited to wild game or to any other rare-cooked red meat.

This wine is available now in the Vieux Village cellar at the price of CHF 19 a bottle.