Cave le Tambourin – Corin (Sierre)

This report looks at the 2015 vintage of the legendary Fendant du Valais (made from the Chasselas grape), in the company of Ismaël Bonvin, wine-grower and producer at Cave Le Tambourin in Corin, just above Sierre.

Talking about the 2015 vintage, Ismaël gets straight to the point: 2015 was a particularly easy year with no surprises for the Fendant. The wine has some beautiful aromas, low acidity and an alcohol level appropriate to this grape variety.

When discussing his favourite wine, Ismaël wants to return briefly to the historic choices made by his wine cellar. When Ismaël inherited this wine cellar in 2008, he made a significant choice: to replace certain traditional varieties with speciality grapes. 

This strategic choice has allowed the company to meet the expectations of its current clientele, which shows a marked interest in high-quality, atypical wines.

Among the other choices made by Ismaël, and contrary to many wine cellars in Valais, was that of calling his Fendant by the original name of this grape variety, that is to say Chasselas. In his opinion, consumers are confused by the variety of appellations associated with the Valais region, and it is the original name that should be promoted for all wines.

This Chasselas vintage has a great freshness, with linden blossom notes and a noticeable minerality, thanks above all to the shale and limestone specific to the Corin region above Sierre. In the mouth, the Chasselas is a very crisp wine with a good length and a carbonic touch entirely typical of Fendant wines from Valais.

Light and perfect as an aperitif, this Chasselas 2015 is the ideal match for cheese dishes, a Valais raclette or a traditional Valais plate of cold meats and cheese. For the more expert wine lover, Ismaël also advises tasting this Chasselas at the end of every meal, particularly if it has been accompanied by a number of substantial red wines. It will revive the most jaded taste buds!

This wine is available to pre-order from Cave Le Tambourin at the price of CHF 13 a bottle.