Cave Delta - Venthône

This report looks at the family history of Cave Delta in Venthône, while showcasing a “pick of the crop”, the Héritage wine, in the company of Kevin Berclaz, wine-grower and producer, and worthy representative of the third generation of this family business.

Talking about the history of his wine cellar, Kevin speaks of his two grandparents. They both had numerous vines, although each on his own land, from Venthône to Flanthey. With this wealth of diversity, Cave Delta has always aimed to manipulate the wine as little as possible. Its efforts have concentrated on developing mature, healthy grapes, with painstaking work among the vines.

As his “pick of the crop”, Kevin chooses the Héritage wine, his latest creation and a testimony to his journey.

An assemblage of Syrah and Pinot Noir, vinified separately, this wine is a symbol of maturity. It has a discreet nose with notes of chocolate and prune. In the mouth, it has a supple attack with silky tannins that caress the tongue and the palate. The barrel is perceptible but without in any way overpowering the wine's character.

The characteristics of this Héritage make it the ideal match for a hearty dish such as a fillet of Hérens beef with peppercorn sauce or a mature Valais cheese.

This wine is available now in the Delta cellar at the price of CHF 28.- a bottle.

PS: Something offered by Cave Delta that is definitely worthy of mention is an innovative service that goes by the name of “Wine @ Home”. As the name suggests, Kevin will come in person to the home (or company) of a member of a wine-tasting group for a convivial get-together. In this way, wine buffs can taste the wines without leaving the comfort of their own home or work environment.