Cave de la Brunière – St-Léonard

This report looks at the vineyards of Cave de la Brunière in St-Léonard, while showcasing the 2015 vintage and a “pick of the crop”, the Muscat, in the company of Christophe Morand, wine-grower and producer, and worthy representative of the third generation of this family business.

Christophe is full of praise for the 2015 vintage. Even though he believes every year has its good points, he says 2015 will go down in history. With the dryness of the weather, his vines needed to be watered from the Clavau bisse (an ancient irrigation channel above Sion), thus putting it to its original use. When it came to harvesting, Christophe immediately noticed the quality of the grapes. Their high sugar level meant the wines were naturally richer, so required close monitoring to ensure they were balanced.

For his “pick of the crop”, Christophe goes for the Muscat. This wine, well known in the region and historically produced by his grandfather, is a veritable tradition for Cave de la Brunière. In tastings, this Muscat is a pale-yellow colour. On the nose, it reveals powerful aromas with fruity notes such as lychee, peach and even a scent of rose. In the mouth, the attack is fresh with recurring rose notes, and the finish reveals a slight acidity that is very interesting.

The aromatic characteristics of this Muscat make it an excellent choice as an aperitif. It is the ideal accompaniment to chocolate bites or a rich dessert.

This wine is available now in the Brunière cellar at the price of CHF 14.- a bottle.

Christophe tells us his vineyards are all on the right-hand bank of the Rhône, in other words on the sunnier side of the river in Valais. Altogether, he cultivates around 5 hectares of vines spread between St-Léonard, Sion and Champlan. His vines include 12 different grape varieties, from which the cellar produces 20 wines.