Café des Voyageurs – Noës (Sierre)

As a complement to our reports on wines, vintages and wine cellars, Vinum Montis would like to round off these presentations by suggesting some perfect matches between dishes and wines. Indeed, the taste pairings of these two inseparable elements are often extremely interesting.

Historically a major stopping-off place, the Café des Voyageurs has been a true culinary institution in Valais for more than 100 years. The establishment is renowned for its delicious range of cheese fondues (with truffles, with pumpkin, or the one titled “des Mayens”, which is eaten with a brunoise of dry-cured ham, dried meat and walnuts) and now offers a themed menu for each season. Indeed, while the winter menu focuses on the same cheese fondues, the spring menu proposes a variety of dishes based on Valais asparagus. The steak tartares take pride of place on the summer menu, while the autumn one concentrates on game meat.

This choice of themed, seasonal menus, coupled with a work ethos based on using local Valais produce, is what makes this establishment so successful.

For his perfect match, Elvis shows no hesitation in choosing one of the summer specialities: his steak tartare with fresh goat cheese from the Besson family in Grimisuat (above Sion). To enhance this dish, he selects the blend of red grapes from Domaine des Crêtes (Joseph Vocat & Fils Vins SA) in Noës (Sierre).

This wine, an assemblage of Merlot, Syrah and Humagne Rouge, has been aged in a barrel for around eight months. With its aromas of very ripe red fruits, its spicy, peppery notes (which pick out the flavours of the basil pesto very effectively) from the dominant Syrah, and lastly its light aromas of oak barrels, this wine is the perfect match for steak and goat cheese.

The dish can be enjoyed throughout the summer at the Café des Voyageurs in Noës (Sierre) at the price of CHF 38. The wine is available now from the Domaine des Crêtes cellar (Joseph Vocat & Fils Vins SA) in Noës (Sierre), at the price of CHF 24.50.- a bottle.

This report therefore looks at the match suggested by the chef at the Café des Voyageurs in Noës (Sierre), Elvis Chabbey: the pairing of a steak tartare with goat cheese and a Syrah 2015 from the wine cellar of Domaine des Crêtes (Joseph Vocat & Fils Vins SA) in Noës (Sierre).