Book (in French) - La beauté du geste ("A beautiful action")

CHF 39.00

Working with vines and wine has always required tools. What do these tools tell us about our history, our economy, our society? This book presents items from the Valais Wine Museum's collection of 20th and early 21st century objects.

Pruning knife, pick, grubbing-hoe, grape scissors, sprayer, grape box, wine press, barrels… Each one plays its part in the various activities of the wine-growing year, develops as necessary, changes in importance over time. A tool is an extension of the human hand, part of its user's daily life. It can make tedious tasks easier, or it can make them even more tiresome! The approach used in "La beauté du geste" is to take an overall view of each object, encompassing not only the activity that it makes possible but also the men and women who use it. The subject-matter is brought vividly to life through pictures and first-hand accounts, so that these objects shed new light on the world of wine-growing and winemaking in Valais.