"Basic" vine sponsorship - Biocave - Miège

CHF 215.00

Additional information
CHF 215 for a basic sponsorship

CHF 475 for a standard sponsorship
Ancienne Route de Sierre 17
3972 Miège
027 455 83 21


We've all dreamed of producing our own wine, so this special offer allows you to sponsor a vine and taste the wine produced from it.

The special offer includes:

  •  A certificate of sponsorship for a period of 5 years;
  • Choice of a Fendant or Pinot Noir vine;
  • A bottle of wine made from the chosen grape variety, with the sponsor's name on the label;
  • 10% discount on all wines ordered from the cellar;
  • Invitation to a raclette au feu de bois at the Biocave estate during the 5‑year sponsorship period;
  • Regular news about the development of the vine and the wine.